Shafali Talisa Arya


Born and raised in London. I’m Shafali Talisa Arya, a twenty something psychological researcher with a passion for learning about the unknown.

My curious mind and desire to constantly question and critique led me down the journey of reading Psychology. Psychology allowed me to ask my favourite question – why?
Completion of my undergraduate degree in Psychology didn’t quite quench my thirst for the unknown. It just made me more thirsty which of course led to degree number 2. An MSc in Psychology, Health and Behaviour. During my time as an MSc student, my passion for research and attempting to understanding the unknown continued to flourish and this has led me to where I am today. I am currently pursing a PhD in Psychology Research at the University of Surrey, England. In particular looking to see how individuals adjust to living with infertility. So, I welcome you to join me on my journey to unearth the rollercoaster that is infertility.

Away from my academic career, I enjoy travelling to see what different cultures have to offer, engaging in outdoor pursuits, sitting down with a good book and spending time with my loved ones.

Academic Qualifications

Master of Science in Psychology, Health & Behaviour – Brunel University,

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Psychology – University of Roehampton,


The British Psychological Society – Graduate Member
– Division of Health Psychology

The American Psychological Association – Associate

European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) – Member